Eric, a young student, wakes up one day in the middle of his room, but this one is devastated. Everything is destroyed, but why?



Apocalyx is an A-RPG and takes place in an apocalyptic world where you will have through different gameplay mechanics (QTE, races, fights, talks, quests…) to understand why you have been “transported” in this world. Will you be able to save your own world?

This project lasted one year during university, with a team of 18 people.

My tasks were numerous and as the Lead designer during the conception phase, I had to:

  1. Write the first pitch
  2. Prepared the core mechanics of the game
  3. Leads the conception team and manage to have them to follow the main idea
  4. Managed the Game Design documents

As the Producer during the realization phase, I had:

  1. Take care of the operational management
  2. Prepare the planning
  3. Make sure the project was still following the budget we agreed with our client
  4. Followed the risks
  5. Organized the meetings with the team and the client
  6. Maintained the projects’ documents

The client’s request was to produce an adventure game of 2 hours. The project was complexed, because few people had experience with the video game development. The engine used was Torque Game Builder. Characters and objects were made with Poser and 3ds Max.



Game Design Documents (in French)

Project related documents (in French)

Apocalyx Manual (in French)

Apocalyx Game (203 mb)