Prototype Star Wars

This prototype was made during my D.E.S.S., with Blender.

In this game, you control a X-Wing, and have to destroy the DeathStar! Your ship has to flight through a tunnel full of turrets while trying to not be destroyed. Your ship has 3 health points, but can regenerate it by destroying the enemy turrets.

The first version was too difficult, the X-Wing was too fast and too big. So after a lot of play-test, I improved the game with additional gameplay and a some tweaking.

The game can be tested here:

PC version: Star Wars Prototype PC (to be repaired – sorry!)
Mac version: Star Wars Prototype MacOs X

Keyboard :

W or down arrow : Go up
S or up arrow : Go down
A or left arrow : Go left
D or right arrow : Go right
Spacebar : Fire