Defiler gods

You are Azathoth, Y’Golonac or Cthulhu and your goal is to bring the apocalypse on earth. Corruptions, murders, pandemic and many other possibilities are given to you to destroy the world!


Defiler Gods is a High Level Concept for a strategy game.

The game is highly inspired by Lovecraft’s works, and puts the player in control of a god perverting a city by bringing chaos and destruction. This god game could be assimilated as an anti-Sim City, because, instead, in Defiler Gods you will start in a city full of life and will have to do all you can to destroy it!

The player will have many possibilities to achieve this: perverting politicians, start riots or sending various horrible creatures. You will be free to choose how to annihilate all living form in the city.



Defiler Gods Presentation pdf