Cuba’s Days


As the president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, at the dawn of October 16, 1962 you are warned that launching pads for sending nuclear missiles on U.S. soil are being deployed. It is your duty to do everything to prevent this from happening, through diplomacy, negotiation or force!

Cuba’s Days tell the story of the Cuban missile crisis from its origin to its end, but you get to rewrite history! Using simple decisions you will have opportunities to stop or not a nuclear Apocalypse.

But Cuba’s Days is more than just an interactive adventure. The game features:
– A choose-your-own adventure that combines reasoning, composure and intuition
– 18 different endings, a direct comparison to the most influential presidents in U.S. history, as well as an overview of their political careers!
– A wide array of choices that makes every game a new experience
– Extremely intuitive gameplay, easy to pick up and play for everyone
– Unique soundtrack that will immerse you into the heart of the 60s
– An historically accurate approach that puts you right in the middle of the most dangerous crisis in human history

The game is available for iOS and Android.



Prototype was released with Adventure Game Studio and can be found here : Cuba’s Days